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seanymike's Journal

25 August
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***Update*** I have been accepted to the University of Arizona as a Geography Major.

Spiritually I find myself all over the board. Having some great conversations with people of many faiths has been a great experience. I think I have to say that at this point I would classify myself in the Gnostic camp of beliefs

I have found that the Turtle is strong in my totem, along with Dragon and Frog. I am not sure why these particular spirits have chosen me, but I will go with it until they change their minds.

School... Yes the rumors are true, I am back in school. hopefully I can get my BS this time. Currently centered on Geography, but I havent decided on a specialty yet.

Politically, OY! Here's a loaded gun, someone shoot me! I tend to side with those that would care for our world, care for all the creatures of it. Those that feel that illegal immigration is wrong and needs to be stopped here... they need to address why people come here, not the actual act of them coming. War... NO! there isn't a single reason in this life to kill another person, and especially if people say it's in the name of God. if God (for lack of a better term) wanted a group dead... do you think that God would need us paltry humans to do it for God? Uh NO!

Well, if you haven't gathered from my interests.... yes I am gay. What I do in my bed is my business, not yours.

I love to make things, jewelry, glasswork, food, etc.

I started a business called Pawsome Creations, but I made some bad assumptions and so it has to be on the back burner for now.

Well, that ought to do it for now.... if I have left something out or you want to know something not talked about here... Ask, IM me on Bearciti, Yahoo, or AOL


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