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What to do during Winter Break?

During Winter Break the place I currently work will be closed. So no money coming in. was a little worried. Then I get this email from a Listserv I am on as a Geography and Regional Development major about an ecology lab looking for a few students to work over the break. I think.. what the hell... and contact them... I have a mini-view with the person and they say that there has been a lot of interest in the position and most are ecology or other science majors.

my hopes go down, but i wait to hear if i get it or not. This past wednesday, I heard... I start today at 10 am. This will look SOOOOOOO good on a resume. I am stoked.


Off to my Chinese oral final. god I hope I get at least an 80. My grade needs some propping up.

EDIT: Oral Fianl done. it went ok. messed up the last few questions. Now for the written final on the 19th and done with Chinese.

conincidence? maybe

In the fire class today, our guest lecturer brought up Zeigeist.... hmmmm.... must look into this prof more


AZ didn't turn blue, BUT we did elect another Dem to our congressional delegation. That makes it 5 Dems to 3 Rep. Still waiting to see how the state house shakes out. I think we picked up a seat or two but not to sure.

I am seriously pissed at the people AZ though. Some of the Propositions that are passing are plain dumb.

Unfortunately it looks like Darcy Burner will not unseat the Rep in Washington's CD8. She is less than 1 point away from doing it. That says a lot right there.

With President Obama's win, we have our work cut out for us. Work on that begins now.

As for the campaign that I worked on, Gabbrielle Giffords won re-election by 56% to 43%, but the idiot GOP guy just won't quit. He is such a turtle. He gave up his seat in the State Senate to run for this and lost. AWWWWWWW.

well back to studying for my GIS test.


I feel like poop today. But, I gotta get my butt to classes. I have a unit test in Intro to Wildland fire and a vocab test in Chinese.... oh and then i have to race home sleep for a couple of hours and go to work til 7am. woot!

Yay me!

We got our midterms back in my Intro to Wildland Fire class.... I got 74 out of 75 points. Only 1 person did better than i. The prof even wrote "go, Sean!!!" on my test.

aw. Yay me!

huh... who knew...

I can be a total dweeb! lol. forgot my phone at home.


I am so mad right now I could chew nails and spit screws.

At noon i normally have Chinese. I get there and the previous section is still taking their test. They didnt finish until 1215pm. we get in there and get right to it only to be kicked out by the next section at 1255. Totally not fair. I have sent an email to the instructor complaining.

Doubt anything positive will come of it.


The Dark Plan....

This is GENIUS! Just like Cuervo Margaritas